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  • Day 1 : 14 May (Tuesday)
  • DAY 2 : 15 May (Wednesday)

- Meeting Room 1 (Dynasty) : Global Economic Outlook

10:00~11:00 Future of Media
11:10~11:40 Crypto Billionaire’s Promise, Decentralized Future
11:40~12:10 Cloud Changes the World
12:10~13:30 Keynote Speech & Luncheon: How to Fix Social Media
13:30~14:10 Changemaking: Innovation for a Better World
14:20~14:50 2019’s Surprise Factors Impacting Capital Markets
14:50~15:20 Building Startup Eco-system: Role of Finance
15:30~16:40 Populism & Korea Economy: Lessons from Latin America
17:00~18:15 [Pitch@Palace Korea 1.0] Pitching Competition & Networking

- Meeting Room 2 (Ruby) : [TechFest] IT/AI/Healthcare/Mobility

10:00~10:40 Better World Created by Machine Learning
10:40~11:00 Smart City: A Smart Urban Future
11:10~11:30 Wi-Fi? Wi-Power!
11:30~11:50 Wearable Technology: Smart Fashion
11:50~12:10 Wearable Technology: Smart Wellness Coach
13:30~13:50 Future of Robotics: Helping Humans in Everyday Workplaces like Hospitals
13:50~14:10 Explore the Moon with Rover
14:20~15:20 AI and Medical Science
15:30~16:40 Journey of Asia Unicorns: What's Next?
16:50~18:00 [Chungnam Univ.] Smart Farm 4.0

- Meeting Room 3 (Topaz) : [TechFest] Blockchain

10:00~10:20 Crypto: 2019 signs of life
10:20~10:40 When Will Cryptocurrency Reach New Heights?
10:40~11:00 Tokenized Assets: The Bridge between Blockchains and Physical Assets
11:10~11:50 Blockchain Bootcamp
11:50~12:10 Blockchain & Art
13:30~14:10 Blockchain Dream in America
14:20~14:55 Wall Street Rushing Into Blockchain
14:55~15:30 Next Blockchain Unicorns
15:40~16:40 [Hybrid Summit] The Current State and Future Outlook for Security Tokens
16:50~18:00 Blockchain: Devil or Angel?

- Meeting Room 4 (Emerald) : [TechFest] Entrepreneurship Education

10:00~10:30 Meet the Bestselling Author: Min Jin Lee
10:30~11:30 [InnovatorsBox®] Creative Leadership: A Conversation with Innovative Trailblazers
11:30~12:10 [InnovatorsBox®] The Secret to Authentic and Creative Networking in a Digital Age
13:30~14:30 [UC Berkeley] Venture Fundamentals
14:30~15:30 [UC Berkeley] How to Pitch Anything to Anybody
15:40~18:10 MIT Startup Bible - An Innovation Framework Taught at MIT

- Meeting Room 5 (Lilac) : Business & Leadership 2020

10:00~11:00 [Bain & Co.] Firm of the Future
11:10~12:10 [AlixPartners] Good to Great
13:30~14:30 [BCG] Digital Talent Transformation of Companies
14:40~15:40 [BCG] AI and Analytics in Real business
15:50~16:30 [Weber Shandwick] Social Impact: Purpose in Action

- Meeting Room 6 (Orchid) : Meet Modern China

10:00~11:00 [Tsinghua Univ.] Seeing through Chinese Economy & Industry
11:10~12:10 Killer Contents to Change Chinese Cultural Industry
13:30~14:10 [SCMP] News Media in the Millennial Age
14:20~14:50 [CKGSB] Reshaping Technology Innovations in China
15:00~16:00 [Korea-China Young Leaders Association] Young Leaders' Agora
16:10~17:10 [Korea-China Young Leaders Association] Rapidly-changing Industries in the Age of the 4th Industrial Revolution
17:20~17:50 [Korea-China Young Leaders Association] Future of Korea-China Relations

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